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Getting lean but not muscle bound

Posted by Jane

At the age of 42 I have been working out in a gym for the past two years. I want to reduce my body fat from present 22% to about 18% or thereabouts. I work out 3 to 4 times a week, once with a PT, but feel I am not making enough progress. The routines are varied, but I feel I have reached a plateau, what next?

Re: Getting lean but not muscle bound

Posted by Dale

You have the wrong focus. I Assume by working ou you mean Gym work outs. You need to add more aerobic style activity. If you enjoy the weight aspect of your work outs, look to "PUMP" (aerobics with weights) or circut classes (30 second sets on a weight activity at a 60-65% heart rate). % of body fat is not a good measure of fitness or earobic capacity. If you exercise to loose body fat then you must (MUST) burn more calories than your consume. I suggest you search the internet more for help with your situation. This site has some good information.

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